Payed, but accounts still frozen? -no response to ticket in over a month

so… how long does it take for a frozen account to become playable again after payment?

ive been waiting for hours, i hear people wait days or weeks for this?

please help, im about to cancel the payment through my bank.

Unfortunately it may indeed take a few weeks with the current support backlog, but I would still recommend working with support in resolving this. Doing a chargeback usually results in your account being banned.

did some research, and i guess having “failed payments” on your payment history prevents you from reactivating your account, even though you have newer approved payments for the same account.

sent them a mail with as much infio as possible (#1112830).

man i hope i dont wait weeks for this.

to me this seems like an issue that shouldve taken precedence over a new server or shiny new ‘special offers’, but thats just me i guess

its been over a month now, and there is still no response from fc support. im just posting this to let people know of the state of fc support at this point.

do. not. support. this. company.


This happened to me also, i paid for 12 months and they attempted to double charge me for another 12 months. Of course i had a pending payment, because i never ordered another 12 months and i learned my lesson long ago, i put just enough on my gaming card. But they keep my account frozen and is been 8 days of ignoring my ticket, [Funcom #1117248] ! I cleared the payment details and the second payment attempt finally failed, but yet the other was approved and my account is till frozen! This is fraud, tomorrow i’m going to seek legal assistance in this matter, is simply outrageous.

How did that go? Did Funcom answer you yet?

in my case, it took them exactly 50 days to first respond to my ticket. and then it took them an additional week to fully resolve my issue.

that was back in summer though. i hear the support situation is even worse now.

Well that’s great to hear. Had the same double-billing issue but they never said there were any issues. I went back to them to get it cleared but no response for over a week. I went to my card company to argue the charge.

Decided to reactivate my accounts again back in January. I’ve waited at least a month so far (closer to 6 weeks). At this point sounds like I’m banned for life for a payment processing error.

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in this same case, i am confused, why does a failed payment make my account not playable any more? even i cannot continue playing as a free account. a failure of charge means Intolerable?