I complete payment and account continue frozen

i pay account for 1 month and account continue frozen i send mail but no talk me [Funcom Support #1109222]

Wait. It takes weeks to get a reply. If they don’t solve your problem within 2-3 weeks, call your bank to get a refund.

What kind of fool posts an issue in support and expects help ?!? lol

What tickles me is under the support section in the main forum menu it says SUPPORT - We’re here to help !!
Oddly it says nothing about ignoring, not really caring and deleting posts where people aren’t happy that they’ve paid good money for nothing. I suggest that heading needs a bit of an update lol.

Well…30 days passed and I got no reply…I have given up… this support can’t be called support anymore. I just really hope people who didn’t get a refund formed a complaint… Or else it won’t change.

i waited 24 days till my ticket about deleting failed payment was solved. FC support is really slow.

FC support is f…e…d and every1 can do nothing