Buying premium still f2p :/

I auto renew 1 x 12 month abo extensions by 19 august , and payment is still pending. My account turned frozen and the money was not spent but i appear to be premium in website account . Can someone support me.

Some support from … support ?

It’s bored to receive a mail from Funcom that mentionned a problem during auto sub and advice to send a message to “”. i did it and receive this :

Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Service.
We no longer accept requests for support directly via email.
To open a help ticket please go to


it’s bored toalready know that ticket support need something like months to “try” to solve the problem…

Now i discover that is bored to not be able to mention support cause we are recently registered in forum…

i’m bored

Tomorrow it will be a week since the support request will be effective on the support forum. A week that a response is expected. yawning…

This is my third message on the forum. Will I be able to mention someone? Or the rule is that you have to be registered for a week or even a lunar cycle. Mystery…

Still impossible to mention. The rules were well done!
But I have reached the rank of “frequent poster” for this topic. Yahooooo!! :sweat_drops:

Same. My account is frozen, i have a few failed payments but 1 approved. I’ve read the fastest way to settle it is to post on the forums with your Funcom support ticket number. I’ve had this problem for over a week
My ID is [Funcom Support #1147597]

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Up support, still alive ?

Same here.We still need your support regarding our premium account.
Last edit:I see from my bank account that FC charged me 1 month = 10.99 EUR but still not getting the payed benefits.

How much it needs to take until someone from support respond to us?The all month?Really almost 3 days past,i payed and still nothing happened.

I’m reading from the old post in Support:“I got my account fixed today after 24 days from ticket” I guess i will still have 6 days to play this game as payed customer.Good to know.

friday up, shy support will have the week end to think about a solution for laur1977, me, and as we can see in forum, many player in this forum.

Personaly i sub for a year. it seems that is not enough too to pretend support…

My payment historic is at 7 years of sub… Not enough to pretend support ?

(CHINESE TRANLATE, cause FUNCOM has been sold to TENCENT, may support is now chinese)




/!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ AND STILL NOT ABLE TO MENTION PEOPLE /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!
Forum’s rules are made to communicate in the void…

BTW, now i win many badges, i’m proud now !!!

it is shameful to see that FUNCOM is aware of a problem with the taking into account of subscriptions. We receive an email asking to contact the support “”. Stupidly, we write there to then receive a second email from “” (want the address changed …) saying that it no longer accepts support requests. Let the network admin drink his coffee instead of asking him to create email addresses for support if you don’t use them … Solve the payment problem that players are having, some development time to resolve the problem is nothing in the face of months of playing time bought by players.

Now let’s talk about the petition system. RIDICULOUS, days to get an answer, moreover it could be copied and pasted answers when we talk about one thing the answer is in the singular, and when we talk about several things the answer is always the same and remains in the singular … .

Now that the ticket ([Funcom # 1147944] Your Funcom Customer Service Ticket) is created I can already hear the clock ticking and in the distance the support stirring his coffee …

The next step with no (satisfactory) answer? Probably negative comments all over the web about this game and its support. history of contributing to his death too. TIC TAC TIC TAC TIC TAC …

Satisfying players (customers) is not very difficult and when it comes to paying a subscription you should run to satisfy the player (customer) especially if the end result is that the company that employs you perceives it. money. Money used to pay your salary!

i have been granted yahoooo, able to mention ?
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mention works yahooo, so glad to be granted …

idem pour moi depuis 4 mois sans réponse