Paid for premium but account is still F2P

So I paid for Premium last Friday evening, 7/29. As of 11:30 am EST today I’m still F2P and cannot unlock more than two characters, access the rest of my gold, etc. I entered a ticket but I am unwilling to wait weeks to months to get the subscription I already paid for.

Ticket #1194840.

Also, there appears to be two webpages through which I can access my account. - Shows me as not having premium - Shows me as having premium

This is a mess. Why are there two account pages?

@AndyB - browsing the forums indicates you’re the guy to fix this. Can you please assist?

Send @AndyB a direct message and don’t buy anything on Friday or the weekend it seems to get stuck for any purchase

I’ll try that, thanks.

Nothing yet. I can’t recall my Twitter handle to ping @AndyB there. I have zero interest in messing with that platform anyway. Shouldn’t be necessary to get the service I paid for.

Funcom don’t have much support for this game, You’ll probably end up waiting a few months for a reply.

Yeah, so I’ve noticed.

I’ll just dispute the charge if it isn’t resolved soon and never spend a dime in this game again.

If you get your money back your account is likely to get perma banned FYI. Don’t ask me why that’s a thing, it’s something they are known to do (maybe it’s even automated).

If you really don’t care anymore though, of course go for it.

If it comes to that, I’ll delete all my characters on both accounts, some of which are nearly full T6 so I never have any desire to play this game again. I already registered a complaint with BBB. If they truly care so little about this game and us few diehards willing to spend money on it, they should just shut it down. The lack of support they give to things that should and could be automated, like account subs is appalling. Oh, they’ll take my money readily enough, but to not give me what I paid for? Inexcusable.

They have until Monday to make things right by me, which is probably more generous than they deserve. But I love this game and the IP. I’m willing to cut them a break as long as they do right by me.

You’ll get a reply from the BBB complaint, it might take around a week, it’s one of the only ways of getting a reply within a reasonable timeframe.

I’m having the same issue. Says my account is ‘Frozen’, but playable. How this is possible, no one knows. I cannot pay for any FP or new sub. Ready to give up and just be a F2P. Like you said, and I was thinking the same thing, why in the world do they have 2 different account pages? My guildmember who has been playing for years asked me, “Are you using the new or old account page?” Like wtf? Shouldn’t even be a thing.

I too play with my son. Actually, I was able to purchase a sub and get FP on his account, glad that worked, but not for me unfortunately. He has a horse now and I don’t. So, getting places for him going with me in a group is tedious for him. Sometimes he just doesn’t use his horse he should be able to use, but his dad has no way of getting one as a F2P. Funcom, fix this for me, please.

You’re only choice is emailing support and waiting.