PREMIUM Sub not working

Greetings, Some days ago i paid 1 month Premium. The payment was ok and accepted, but i already login several times, and account still free, not Premium !!
My ticket is :point_right:Funcom Support #1155979 :point_left:
I had a 3 months Plan, but this plan finished, so i chose 1 month.
The whole process went well and the payment was accepted, so why Premium is not active?!
Fortunately I didn’t subscribe for 12 months … :thinking:
I would be very grateful if you could correct the error, as I would like to play without restrictions.
Best regards

I have the same issue.

You might have better luck contacting them on Twitter. They pay attention to that more @funcom

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Fixed for me now, took 3 days to get help on mail support

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Exactly the same situation that I found myself in
Payment gone through yet the account is still free
Ticket raised a week ago…
Funcom #1155650

I had the same problem, and just heard back from Funcom regarding my ticket. Only took them 14 days to fix it, but it does sem fixed now.
Well, it has been Christmas holidays, so I suppose I can cut them a little slack on being slow.

It is sad though. When I first started playing Age of Conan I had a similar problem, also over the holidays. At that time it took them 2 or 3 days to fix it - with an apology for taking so long.

I got an apology this time too, mentioning holidays and backlogs, but still - having gone from 3 days wait time to 14 days is not good. Not good at all.

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Same issues here
[Funcom #1155345]

Charged for 1 year and didn t get the subscription

i have a two year subscription running and yet i am locked out. waiting for a week. getting no response no solution. i am extremely upset. funcom is simply incompetent. unable to solve this problem, unable to provide paid service

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they could fix it if they cared about it. but they know the outcry of the people having these issues in AOC wont make a slightest dent to their overall reputation. if it would happen in exiles at same per capita it would be another story. integrity of game-companies gone wrong etc etc

it’s a well known problem, the payment option in this game is flawed. problems occur all the time.

it is also very strange that if a transaction fails, you simply lose your premium status because a payment failed. you have already paid for this service.

then you write a petition and are either ignored for weeks or you are told that they can’t help you because you are not premium.

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Its very strange this continues to be a problem. Maybe eventually they will realize their payment processor is broken.

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It seems to be an issue for SWL and Anarchy Online as well.

You’d think that all 3 games together having the same issue would cause a sizeable dent in their reputation… but given they could care less about their reputation as a whole…

10 days already and the problem was not fixed yet :woozy_face:
Please Funcom, take a look at the Support #1155979.
The days are passing and the account is still not Premium :pensive:

Problem Fixed

Thank you !!

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Got mine fixed today.
13 days wait time

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Finally fixed :pray:
THANKS Funcom :love_you_gesture:

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