Paid for subscription but playing as a freeplayer

Hi there,

I started to play again Age of Conan, and i decided last month to pay a subscription for having all my chars available but after paying and having some issues i dont know why, the money was paid and i continue playing as a freeplayer.

Since then i have sent 3 mails already with a lot more details of the issue and 2 tweets to customer support, and i havent got an answer yet.

You can let that game die as you are doing. Want my money back or at least next month free of subscription payment.

Thanks a lot,

I have the opposite going on. I am a free player but my account seems Subbed, or perhaps sub is free right now? In any case, I am not complaining, but I hope you have this resolved soon and get your money returned to you.

Have you ever subbed in past? u might wanna check they didn’t snitch another payment automatically

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Support wait time is at least 3 weeks, but don’t be surprised if it takes months.

I hope you did delete your payment option after cancelling your sub or you might not be playing free of charge with sub perks as you think :smiley:

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I have the same problem.

I paid the monthly subscription and then removed the payment method. The account appeared for a while as a premium, after which it returned to the status of “FROZEN”

I wanted to use the double exp event, but driving levels without earning AA points makes no sense.
The ticket has been sent.

Same thing just happened to me I Reactivated an old account that I have been playing for free on everything was good then got an email saying sub has ended and account is frozen but playable. Payment is was approved and all but now seems like I they just took my money and dropped me.

i’ve been thinking on paying a sub after coming back to the game, but i guess i will just wait :eyes:
i’m not really sure about it because i have to use a vpn in order to connect into the game…

For what it’s worth, the OP seems to have gotten a response from customer support. Anyone else in this thread experiencing issues are welcome to message me directly and I can at least take a look at the status of your ticket. Thanks!


Hi Andy,
I’m having the same trouble as the OP. Payment cleared 72 hours ago and I have yet to receive any premium features. I contacted customer support with a ticket but have yet to receive a response. I’m in the Guard so I might get deployed within the next three-four weeks depending on the virus. I would like to enjoy the game at least a little while in quarantine. Thanks.

Please send me direct messages instead of bumping the thread.