I subbed for a year and my account says its locked even though I was charged for it

|123226120 |2020-03-30 |Age of Conan 12 Month Premium Membership |95.88 USD |Approved|

|123226108 |2020-03-30 |Age of Conan 12 Month Premium Membership |95.88 USD |Failed|

Why is my account locked?

I don’t know, but I think you’d probably have a better chance of getting an answer from someone who does in the Age of Conan forums.


Hey there,

You’ll need to submit a ticket through the Ticket System if you haven’t already and wait for a reply from customer support.
Be sure to specify the game, account/billing, aoc account e-mail, aoc username (in text box) and explain in detail what the problem is you’re having.
It can take anywhere up to 3 months to be replied to, depending on the amount of backlog.

If it takes longer than a month to be replied to, you can DM AndyB (click on his name below or search his name through the search feature in the top right and click “Message”)

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