Attempted to pay for membership, now account is locked

Tried to pay for membership.

  1. Entered credit card payment on age of conan account page.
  2. Received email from credit card company with a security code, but had no place to give it back to funcom to authorize the credit card transaction.
  3. First payment ultimately failed.
  4. Tried again after first payment failed.
  5. Payment was visible as “pending” last night.
  6. Tried to log in today to check status, but was locked out of the account page.
  7. Tried to reset password.
  8. Received temporary password in mail, when used, does not work on account page.
  9. Can still log into game with old password.

You guys realize I was trying to give you money, yeah?

Financials can’t be discussed on the forums for security reasons. Please submit a ticket to AoC Billing using the form at

You can paste the URL of this post into the body of the form instead of writing this again.

That’s poetic, you’re sending him to the ticket black hole

Billing and Customer Support are separate queues.

Oh ok I didn’t know that. How do you guys call the billing queue then? “The Abyss” ?

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