Paid for a sub, only worked for a few minutes, still charged

Coming back after a long hiatus, paid for one month, sub activated quickly enough, then a few hours later, an e mail saying Im free to play again due to a failed payment. See a failed payment and an approved payment on my payment history, but I only bought one month, and I was charged on my card for it. Sent an email to customer support, was warned a response may take a long time. So funcom has my money, I have nothing to show for it but a promise they won’t fix it soon… Great first impression back…

So now this morning, I see an additional $0.65 charge on my card for

What the hell is this crap!!!

I also can’t seem to find a way to delete my card information from my account. What the hold f is going on here Funcom!!!

I got hit for a similar thing (with a different game company) when my credit card provider made a charge for a rejected payment. Not sure if that is the same thing; I questioned it with the provider (as at the time it was a “hidden charge”) and they refunded it. Might be worth asking your bank what the $0.65 arose from.

Be really careful though that they don’t apply it as a chargeback to Funcom though, or the automated system may ban your account. I think that that sometimes happens without any input from Funcom, the system just does it…

OP has messaged me and we’ll go from there.