F2P to Sub not working

I have been trying for 2 days now to go from f2p to sub. I have used numerous credit cards and they all say failed. I know there is more than enough on all cards to cover it. Is there an issue with the site? Is anyone else having any issues??? Thank you in advance for any response.

Most of us had issues with credit card payments at one point… but in your case if none of the credit cards are working it might be something witb your account. I’ve been using the same card for quiet some time now and few months back my bank decided to decline one of my purchase of funcom points. If I were you I would call the bank first(with FC its gonna take forever) good luck

Check if you have no limits of daily internet transactions on your credit card, I had mine set on 0 before I realised why I couldn’t buy anything via Origin, GOG or Funcom

They will probably be accepted at once and then you’ll have a mutiple subscription payment.

Some banks as a anti-fraud measure monitors where your card is normally used and if they see a charge pop up in a totally different spot (like Funcom’s Sweden!) they block it’s use.

Happened to me and all it takes is a call to your bank to see if that’s the problem and for you to OK the purchases.

**** I had my bank call me one time because my card had been charged at a motorcycle shop in Norway and they wanted to know if it was me. It wasn’t and they blocked it and got me a new card & number.

After months of no problems I suddenly had a “declined” transaction. I called my bank (a major US bank) and they checked and double checked for the transaction attempt and it did not exist. They definitively did not decline it. So it looks like the issue lies with FC or one their intermediaries. (For me the solution was as simple as deleteing the payment method and recreating it; the transaction processed as it should have the first time.)