Monthly sub ended by "payment failure" (solved)

I just received a mail from you that my monthly sub has ended due to a payment failure. But, I do have money on my account (just checked again and there is no reason it should fail), and it’s with the same card which I always use for my subscription.
I can’t even see that you have tried to get money from my account, as it would normally be a text here with a failed transaction.

It was only a few weeks ago I last time purchased funcom-points, from the very same card.
Not sure what is happening?

As always, nothing can be done on the forums other than talking and commiserating about the horribly buggy payment system.

You will have to open an email ticket now to get support to help you in a couple weeks.

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Thank you. The payment went through but now it’s ofc frozen :slight_smile: Decided to pay for a year so I’m free for anything like this the next long time.

You should have stayed a couple of months unsubscribed to prove a point, I will. It’s unacceptable to wait 2 weeks for funcom to unfreeze an account or solve a ticket. I’ve been supporting funcom since 2012. If that’s how you get treated after so many years… thank you but no thank you

My account got unfrozen, thanks :slight_smile:

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