Payments getting denied

My subscription was about to run out so I thought i’d pay for 1 more year a few days ahead of the expiration date. For some reason the payment got denied. I used the card less than a month before to buy Funcom points and then everything worked just fine. I use the card daily and there’s enough money on it.

Now I can’t buy either a subscription or Funcom points because everything gets denied. I sent a mail but didn’t receive any help for 10 days now and my account is free to play for over a week.

Could you plz have a look at this, it’s getting just a bit annoying.

[Funcom Support #1157808]

I had the exact same issue, seems for me the bank did not want to send the money to fc, so when I used PayPal option the payment went through in under a minute and I was a sub again, it always got denied and fails all the time trying to pay directly form my card.

Hope this helps.

Thx for reply m8 but I tried that. No matter what I do it gets denied :-/

And I used the same card before and it worked just fine.

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