Payment denied even though

money has been taken from my bank account and I am still free to play, not a premium user. I sent an e-mail to customer service like 10h ago but I still had no response. How long does it usually take? This issue happened to me for the first time in years.

Have the same, they took the money for the fc points but I never got any.

And I think they’re not working on weekends…

Additionaly werft

I’m sorry to hear you’re both having trouble with payments on your accounts. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide any direct assistance with account or billing issues through the forums. If you’ve submitted an email support request, it will be answered as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that it may take several days for your request to be processed, so waiting 10 hours without an email reply isn’t unusual and shouldn’t be any cause for alarm.

If you haven’t yet submitted an email support request, you can do so at any time here:

Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.