Failed payment cancelling

i have failed payment on account, i would like to cancel, i made a ticket and it`s 2 days without responce,is it so hard to cancel 1 payment?

You need to wait a week or two

typical funcom.i cant pay the game now, so im losing tokens everywhere,gg

So if your issue is a failed payment, Does that put you in the “not financially supporting” category? If so, that is a major oversight.

but im trying to support, they dont give me chance

Regardless of premium or not the walt time for a ticket regarding payment/ account is 2 weeks(±)2,3 days.

giving you update guys, still no answer anywhere,its been like 10 days im playing free account and losing tokens everywhere
p/s actually 12 without any answer. gj funcom

16 days without an answer,it`s not even funny xD

I just hope they fix this payment issue. I’ve been subbed on a monthly base for the past year and never had this happen. Something happened when they introduced “the hoard of the silent legion” chests. At least that’s what happen to me.

ive been subbed on a year base and now want to switch for montly,i guess thats issue)

any chance some GM answers me here and tell what is average time of w8? ppl on forum said its 2 weeks,but its been like 17 days without answer

ok u fixed hair bug, but it`s been 20 days w/0 an answer,may be u can provide some info

I can’t believe that support didn’t get back to you. 3 weeks? Can’t say anything anymore…

yes :frowning:

@AndyB any responce pls?)

Would it be a surpirse if I tell you that there is no responce still :slight_smile:

We cannot assist with billing and payment issues in a public forum like this. You’ll need to wait on a reply from customer service via e-mail. Thank you for your patience! I apologize for the inconvenience.

Send an e-mail to Customer Support Andy to move their 3 letters because it is not normal to wait that long for any response. Tomorrow will be a 34th day when I sent my petition.

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omg, it took 24 days for you to make this reply? im w8ing for 28 days alrdy, so basically its 4 raids where I lose tokens,do u think it`s ok? but whatever,just imagine if I would delete character by mistake - which u can resotore only within 30 days,so what would you say in your ticket then???

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I understand your frustration but the forums are not the place to request support for account and billing issues.