Payment failed / can't unfreeze account

Haven’t played in a while, tried accessing with new credit card

Says “Payment failed”

Double checked if I wrote the details right

Tried multiple times

Any help apprechiated

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There is a widespread issue with processing payments at the moment.
FunCom says it’s not them.
PayPal says they’re not responsible.
The banks say FC isn’t trustworthy.

Maybe they’ll start accepting crypto as payment. Who knows? Not FunCom.

You admin?

I’d like to hear from some admin

Thanks for the heads up though

No rush

You sadly wont get an answer from an admin on this page. I had the same issue a few days when I tried to reactivate one of my accounts and it wouldn’t work.

I just decided to not resub and play something else instead.

Try discord or the support link on the account page, it can take some time to get an answer but it’s the only ways to reach Funcom.

There is admin answers just weeks ago on this page

Lighten up


Thanks for the heads up though

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