Frozen account issue

Hey guys, i upgraded my froob account to paid earlier and went on to play and it all worked. I logged out at some point and tried relogging a bit later and couldn’t log back in, it told me my account is frozen. I figured out it was due to an unverified paypal account and placed the money onto a different paypal account that is verified and paid through that. The payment went through and is accepted but the initial payment i made is still there, and because it has the status “failed” i think it’s not letting me log back in. Is there an easy way to remove previous payments or should i let it get resolved through a ticket?

edit: forgot to mention subscription time is running.

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I don’t think they will be able to respond to your issue on the public forum, so your best best is to use the email (or perhaps Live Chat if that’s still a thing) method.

My 2nd payment went through and got accepted but because the first one wasn’t the account status is still frozen. I looked into livechat but that’s only on tuesdays and i already created a ticket, i was just hoping i could delete that initial payment because i think that is the problem.

Sadly, curing a failed payment results in double billing, always the result of an expired credit card. So I switched to Paypal to pay for game subscriptions, so that I only have to keep one account updated with current info.

Wrong. Even using Paypal failed, despite everything being ok on m Paypal account, and required CS intervention to cure.

Their billing app seriously sucks.

In this situation, you should absolutely contact Customer Support. Any sort of billing issue you encounter can only be fixed by going to and creating a help ticket. So that we can assist you faster, please try to email from the address that is tied to your account and provide the username of the account just to make sure we look at the right one.

And please do not worry about lost time. A frozen account has it’s time paused to avoid losing anything while you’re unable to access the game. Even if you did lose some time, we would credit it back to you. We will do everything that we can to make this right. We look forward to working with you through!

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