Frozen account issue


Hey guys, i upgraded my froob account to paid earlier and went on to play and it all worked. I logged out at some point and tried relogging a bit later and couldn’t log back in, it told me my account is frozen. I figured out it was due to an unverified paypal account and placed the money onto a different paypal account that is verified and paid through that. The payment went through and is accepted but the initial payment i made is still there, and because it has the status “failed” i think it’s not letting me log back in. Is there an easy way to remove previous payments or should i let it get resolved through a ticket?

edit: forgot to mention subscription time is running.


Hi @Loonloon, have you checked out the following threads?

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I don’t think they will be able to respond to your issue on the public forum, so your best best is to use the email (or perhaps Live Chat if that’s still a thing) method.


My 2nd payment went through and got accepted but because the first one wasn’t the account status is still frozen. I looked into livechat but that’s only on tuesdays and i already created a ticket, i was just hoping i could delete that initial payment because i think that is the problem.


Sadly, curing a failed payment results in double billing, always the result of an expired credit card. So I switched to Paypal to pay for game subscriptions, so that I only have to keep one account updated with current info.

Wrong. Even using Paypal failed, despite everything being ok on m Paypal account, and required CS intervention to cure.

Their billing app seriously sucks.