Accounts frozen but my payment was successful

I have 3 accounts that I paid for 12 months on back in December. I think I played for a day or so back then but got distracted by other things so didn’t try to play again until February. When I tried to play in February I discovered that my accounts had become frozen. I submitted a ticket but have not heard anything back on the ticket and it has been a month since I submitted it. What else should I do?

My ticket number is [Funcom #1227445] if that helps.

Is there anyone that can help with this?

You can try the site

Under My Account* > Click Home > Click Reactivate Button > Click a different Reactivate Button

Thanks for the suggestion but this isn’t working for me. The problem seems to come from a payment that I tried to make back in December that failed. This original payment I tried to make on a credit card. When it failed I made a new payment on PayPal which was successful. Initially it seemed that everything was fine but after a few days the account got frozen. Using the link you provided above I can go into the account and try to reactivate it. I can then try to update the payment method for the failed payment. I should not need to do that since the subsequent payment was successful. When I try to update payment on the failed payment one of two things happens. If I try to switch the failed payment to PayPal it fails right away without telling me why. If I try to switch it to another credit card it will say “Pending” for a while and then eventually fails. I’ve tried this several times without success and tried different credit cards. If only I could just delete the failed payment I think things might clear up.

I fixed it! Thanks to the above suggestion to use

It is a bit confusing how they handle payment options and there seems to be issues with adding a new PayPal option. But what I was able to do is that when I clicked the initial “Reactivate” button, the next screen gives the option to select a repayment method. On this selection list I was able to select the original PayPal option that had worked before and it worked to clear the failed payment. My account is now paid for two years instead of the single year that I was trying to pay, but I am just happy that I can play again.

Thanks to JungleGeorge for the suggestion. It took me a while to figure it out but I got it to work!

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