Same problem: bought 2x 12m promo but accounts still frozen

i already send in a ticket but still i would like to trigger here some help either to get me online asap.

Paying to reactivate a paid frozen account didn’t work for me either last week, on a Friday night, which had nothing to do with payment failure. It was paid properly, but the payment did not result in expected services.

It was resolved by human intervention the following Monday.

Their billing app really sux. This is the fault of Funcom’s developers. The customer service reps of course, are not the programmers and do a great job at trying to fix the programmers’ deficiencies.

Unfortunately, my guess is that customer service reps aren’t paid to work weekends.

I say this only in an attempt to get Funcom to prove me wrong by fixing your issue before Monday.

In case it doesn’t work, create a froob account if you don’t have one already.

I’ve had numerous problems over the years trying to play my paid accounts, but never a problem playing my froob accounts.

They really need to fix their billing app to make this not so. It’s incredible that they haven’t put priority on their cash register programmers, but they do have some really great customer service people trying fix it.

I do indeed think that monday is the minimum day that i can login again; i also paid succesfully on a friday evening (CET). hopefully i get a free few days.

Yeah, I paid for my account on Monday or tuesday and despite the payment being aproved, and the “game time valid to” field being updated to july 2019, my account status was still Frozen - unplayable.

I emailed in a ticket and petitioned from a froob ingame but I then spoke to somebody from the live chat feature on the Account Page (which I honestly thought had been closed some years back). Within a few minutes of starting a live chat convo, I was active and in game.

Would recommend the live chat if it is a billing issue.

well, it was with a good reason to post it here also and that you suggested to use live chat. live chat worked even on this time of the day in the weekend (only for payment issues). My accounts are now open to play!!