Account Paid, still Frozen? Wake your Customer Support UP!

I had seen this issue on the forum before paying, but I figured it was a rare thing that people were running into.

NOPE, soon as I tried to sub it went through fine, but still pending and my account is still “Frozen”??? This should take #1 priority as it is preventing paying customers from playing!!!

WAKE UP! I made a support ticket. These kinds of tickets should take #1 priority in your support queue over other support tickets!!!

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I’m not surprised, I wanted some account info associated with one of my email addresses from years ago. I submitted a ticket early this month and still haven’t received anything more than the initial automated reply saying the current wait on customer service responses is extremely long. My initial thought was to get the account info (so I wouldn’t have to repurchase an expansion) and then do a long-term sub. However, I’m cautious about handing over any payment info to a company who takes so long to reply to support tickets.

i made a thread about this 15 days ago, paid for 2 accs, both of them still frozen.

sent fc a ticket, was expecting to wait a few days, but its been 15 days now.

the support system itself is on life support. and i dont think funcom deserves my money anymore. i am so close to cancel my payment, eat the ban, and never look at anything that comes from funcom ever again.

Had the same problem - used a different credit card and it worked immediately. Might be because I was trying to set up a second account with the same credit card.

Have a ticket open for more than 2 months now. still no reply. My ticket its not related to frozen accounts, hopefully you get a faster support.

yes WAKE UP SUPPORT!! payd for game last mont and played almost 2h and acc is frozen (wtf!?) …