7 days after payment my account remains frozen

This is now ridiculous. I didn’t want to start another thread on this subject but I really am starting to run out of patience.

I have paid (by credit card and not PayPal) my subscription 7 days ago, account remained Frozen, I immediately opened a ticket, nothing beyond the automatic response. I understand “extremely long wait times” but seriously how many people are having this problem at the same time that Funcom hasn’t gotten around to dealing with this in 7 days?

7 days? Now that the weekend is coming up am I going to miss out on a whole new weekend and expect not being able to play?

I’m frankly really annoyed and frustrated, literally an inch away from simply requesting a refund and abandoning the game again.

It’s not about the money, but the incredible lack of anything resembling Costumer Support, if Funcom is no longer supporting the game, THEN STOP CHARGING US MONEY!

It took them 2 weeks with my ticket but did get it fixed when they eventually got around to it. Hang in there. lol

Well then, I suppose next time when my sub is up for renewal Funcom will sit and wait for 2 weeks until I “eventually get around to paying it” without freezing my account. It would be reasonable me thinks.

According to what other people have said, the time when your account is frozen isn’t used up; you should still get your paid time.

I do hope this is correct, as I am considering signing up for AO for the first time as it sounds interesting…

2 weeks? Holy smokes. Here I thought 4 days was getting bad. Well poop :frowning:

Right, I’m up to 11 days, still no reply, still Frozen.

1 day short of 2 weeks of having paid for the services without being able to play or receiving any form of communication from FC.

I cannot play, but I cannot cancel the payment as I risk having my account banned. This is the definition of a completely shameless catch 22.

I have never even heard of a company behaving this way.

1, No communication.
2, No fix.
3, No simple way of getting my money back without having my account obliterated in retaliation.

yes is unacceptable. AO need more Support or fix the problem soon! many topics with that problem but no reaction from Funcom. i hope you can solve the problem. i had the same issus 7days …

best regards

17 days and ongoing with no fix or communication from Funcom. 17 days.

Right…4 days to go for a full 30 days of no fix, no communication, no support.


At the end of the month period I intend to file a complaint with my local customer protection services here in Spain. I honestly do not know if it will achieve anything at all, but I am incredibly frustrated with Funcom.

I also intend to make a complaint at Steam.

I suggest filing a BBB complaint. seems from other complaints on there, they respond much quicker and resolve he issue.
Yes the top two posts on Steam mention how support is non existent here.
I added a confirmation as well

Yep another 5 days and it will be 30 days for me as well lol wow must be one guy running the show at Funcom

I’m on 33 days now. Effing amazing!

I now filed a BBB complaint with my US address and one with the Spanish equivalent ACOSAN.