Account frozen for 11 days now


Two Sundays ago I purchased a 12-month membership extension. The problem was that I canceled the first payment, then re-issued a second order which went through.

Problem is as follows:

  • after I canceled the first payment, my account was frozen (despite still having 3 months of premium membership left)
  • after I completed the second, the account was unfrozen BUT it only credited 9 months instead of 12 (i.e. it added 12 months to the date of freeze rather than the previous end membership date)
  • after a few more minutes, account was frozen again (despite membership end date is March 2020) and asking for a SECOND payment

Opened a ticket on Sunday 17, no replies until now.
What do I need to do to get a reply?


I’m so sorry, you will have nothing left but to wait for an answer. The Forum is not the right place for Account or Billing Issues.


Wait time for billing/account support is 2 weeks(give or take 1-2 days) . You should get a response anytime now. At least that’s when I got my response 14 days and I’ve seen lots of ppl on forum reporting same wait time.


I have a feeling Funcom significantly downsized their customer service department. Probably just one or two people left working on tickets anymore.


I think you’re right. If that’s the case then they went wrong about it, when it comes to money/ account they should have somebody looking into that within 48/72hrs. When it’s about other things I understand it could take some time but money… come on…


Just as an update, after 17 days I’ve still not received any reply. Account still frozen, subscription premium time still showing end at March 2020 instead of June; not that it makes any difference, since the time is still ticking with me not being able to log into the game.

The only communication I received is the automatic email showing the ticket number (in my case # 1106969) which I got when I first submitted my ticket, on March 17. Nothing else.

Is there any other way to contact Funcom’s support? A phone number, anything?


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