Payment approved - Account frozen

Hello. I have reactivated my account to enjoy the new server and the payment has gone through but my account is still frozen.
Pls help. Pls.

The only way to get help with Account and billing issue is to use the Ticket System that is here available.

Yeah I’ve done that but unfortunately I’m familiar with the response rate :wink:

I understand that but the Forum cant help with Account and billing issues

i got this too, pretty annoying :confused: just gotta wait 3-5 days i guess…

Same here. Kinda annoyed. Has 2 free days to try out the new server and seems not getting in.

Support can not help you with any account or billing issues over the forums. Please visit us at and submit an email support ticket, if you haven’t already. Our support team is working to answer everyone’s requests as quickly as they can. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.