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I have been waiting one week to have my account moved from FTP back to premium. I left the game some years ago and came back last June, you took my money with no problem until the 1st of Feb. I had to switch to Paypall to get you to take my money but here I sit with my account still in a free to play status. My ticket number is 1159047 I have made several attempts to contact support through this ticket with no reply, very frustrated and thinking about quitting the game again.

Hey @AndyB why haven’t you guys sorted this out yet? You’re literally making it impossible to get paid. Do you guys just not like money or what? I thought the whole purpose of this venture was to make money… hire somebody to fix your system please!!! Or set up some alternative payment system for crying out loud! The incompetence being put on display is Astro f**king nomical!

Do any of funcom’s other games experience these issues with payments I wonder? Or do you guys just hate Age of Conan so much that you just want it gone forever? Not enough balls to pull the plug yourself? Just make the customers jump through hoops and give them a hard time until they voluntarily quit is that it? Just pull the plug if you’re sick of running this game already and then sell it to a company that will actually manage it properly. You’d be doing us all a favor. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with this level of incompetence anymore.


I keep asking myself the exact same thing over and over again… is there a business in this world that doesn’t like money??? Apparently it is, FUNCOM. Funcom doesn’t wanna take our money, we beg them to take our money and they still don’t wanna take it. @Spreadicus I’m with you, either close this game or fix the payment issue. Come on its been going on for way too long… wake up and smell the :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: FUNCOM


I don’t know how you do it. I never had a problem with the service. I made a petition in 3 days, I was answered. you must not be the same planet as me or the French service is faster ^^

I too have been having issues with getting someone to deal with my subscription. I tried to renew back in Feb 2020 but the payment failed. Ever since then I cannot resub as this payment is still stuck on “Failed”. My ticket number is #1155296. I have been trying to fix this for over a year now…Yet no one wants to talk to me or even fix this &^&(%^(& thing…

I’m a returning veteran & subscriber and i’ve yet to be able to login on any of my
characters, or receive any help from support to solve the issue, despite being in contact
with Andy at support. Almost a month soon and not being able to play on my subscriber account.

And i don’t want to create new characters on it incase the support are unable to fix these issues
because that would mean i basically paid subscription for a “dead” account…

Call in the lawyers. You paid for somethng and if it’s not been delivered, that should be remedied.

I am having the same issue with a frozen account. Bank processed payment already and account still frozen. Will be going on 2 days this afternoon.

Really?? After an entire year you still have the account frozen? Did they get the money as well?

I got mine fixed after about four days. They will come thru on this and make it right. Was able to purchase the expansion pack off steam and put code in and upgrade fine also. Think it had to do with me using a debit card that was up after april, then realizing this and changing my card on file to the updated card once I activated which was maybe 1.5 hrs later and thats what I think it was.

nice , 4 days glad to hear youre up and at em! i am still waiting day 7

Cobra, Check your inbox of messages.

I am in the same boat.
Frozen account due to failed payment.
Two went through fine after, but account is still frozen due to first failure.

I can play, but not getting premium sub.

I have ticket in with support and my own thread here.

I’ll likely give it 2 more weeks then get banks involved.

They thought of that! If you get the banks involved you get banned.

Only if you dispute it as an unauthorized or fraudulent purchase.

I am aware, but as it stands, this is theft on their end is it not?

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Good news, if you paid through paypal, just file a dispute and tell them that you did not receive what you ordered. You will get what you ordered very quickly once the bean counters get that paypal notification of dispute. Just dont do a chargeback and cite fraudulent or unauthorized transaction as the cause. Then your account is banned.

I was recently charged a recurring annual subscription fee and petitioned for a refund since I no longer play full time. I knew it would take forever so I also filed a dispute with paypal. Cited them the reason being, I do not wish to continue my sub. I got my refund within a couple days. Never did get a reply to my petition though… Not even an acknowledgment of case closure…I imagine by the time I do, they will simply tell me what I already know… That funcom is not worth my money or my time. Or yours.

OP’s issue has been resolved.


Thanks for coming by, catch you next week :smile:

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