You Won't Take My Money

So, I am a relatively big spender when it comes to my gaming because this is my hobby. I have never encountered a company that spends more time trying to deny my transactions than Funcom. I once again opened a ticket and I have been waiting for over 48 hours for a response because you guys likely have put what you refer to as a ‘soft hold’ on my account again.

The problem is NOT my banks. I have spoken to both banks involved and they are simply not seeing you even attempt to complete my transactions. You are literally missing out on 100s of dollars because you wont respond to my issue and fix your system.

I am very close to quitting this game again and this time for good. We rarely get any response from customer service and I am tired of fighting with you to get Funcom points.

Will you PLEASE address this issue and stop denying my charges? Your ‘soft hold’ or whatever you do to accounts to keep us from giving you money are stupid.

Sorry, I am just so damn frustrated as this happens over and over and over again and then you guys do nothing an don’t respond or seem to care.

PLEASE fix this issue. I am exasperated.



Funcom Support #1090223

A moderator of these forums will simply tell you this is not the place to solve this issue, and will apologize and tell you to wait. You could probably try to PM @AndyB to see if he can look into the matter, but chances are they’re still backlogged from the hurricane that hit them head on not long ago, plus Hurricane Michael that will probably go through their state.

I hope your issue gets sorted, though.

Thank you.

I have just been really frustrated with the lack of response and ongoing issues that appear to be systemic.

I know how you feel.

Usually Funcom approves my payment, takes the money, but then takes sweet f-all time to give me the points-- usually a 3-4 day wait for me from the time I purchase points to the time I actually GET them. And gaming is my main hobby as well.

Hi Metallicus, I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble completing payments on your account. For security and privacy reasons, please understand that we aren’t able to offer direct account assistance through the forums.

I’ve checked and can confirm your email ticket is in our queue and will be answered as soon as possible, so for now please keep an eye on your email inbox for updates. Based on when your ticket was created, you can probably expect a response later today or tomorrow, depending on if the payment issue needs review from an accounts and billing specialist or not. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

You are not alone.

Sometimes they just dont take the money. «Problems with billing account» and thats crap cuz its just a auto message on their very bad shop system. It rly seems they dont want the money lol😊 And very often they take the money and the points arrive 3-4 days later.

Like 3 days ago again they withdraw the money from my bank. But do i have any points 3 days later…? Nope. Do they answer my email? Nope… whatever happened to the live chat help? That used to work ok.

You would think theyd like the money income to work and the points gettin handed out for peeps to use and maybe buy more… but no… i guess moneymakin isnt an issue

Well i guess its better than last year when i got 10 times the ammount i clicked for. That happened a lot. Like i purchaced 1000 points and got 10000. Yeah and u guessed right, the bill was x10 times too ofc🤣 ah man… lot of weekend partys got canceled cuz of that sh…

I would just like to add I never had a problem buying Funcom points with a credit credit or steam wallet (which is what I only use now) but I have seen many reports of problems when subbing with any of the methods available like frozen bank accounts and credit cards, and even frozen game accounts. I would love to sub using Funcom points, but I won’t take the chance with a credit card, PayPal or bank account. Other games I believe allow subs with points or steam wallet so why not Funcom? Even add a buck or two to the price for the trouble for using funcom points, if needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regardless of whether or not the issue is on the end of our billing system or your card provider, we should be able to help you figure that out at

Thank you but I have no issue, I was commenting based on what I have read on these forums and elsewhere also other players and because of those comments I am reluctant to try. It is my own insecurity that prevents me from subbing through the established methods, maybe it would be no problem I don’t know. I am not willing to take the chance however. If we could sub using funcom points, I would instantly sub. Thanks again