Bought Funcom Points, stuck on pending


Just getting back to AoC after a long hiatus. I bought Funcom Points yesterday, and again today, both payments are stuck on “pending”. However, both payments have been charged to my bank account/card.

I’ve created a ticket, but then read some of the other threads here, talking about a 3 month wait for reply to tickets. Do I have really have to wait upwards to 3 month, after Funcom has taken my money, before I get the product I paied for?

You can try to delete the payment method and add it again, sometimes it works. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the suggestion! I tried that, still just “pending” sadly.

Not many people are posting exact wait times, but pretty much everyone who posts and talks about time indicates they have had tickets submitted for weeks/months with no response. It does eventually get taken care of and the proper amount of time applied for you to use, but yeah, you just have to wait.

It is ridiculous, but it is what people have to live with when dealing with Funcom.

Thank you for your reply. Weeks to months is my understanding as well, after reading quite a few threads here.

I agree with you, it’s quite ridiculous. The Funcom points are not marketed as something that could take weeks, or at worst months to recieve. Even days, in plural, I would say is unsatisfactory. Hours, maybe up to 24, would be in the range that I would find acceptable, or something that one should be able to understand.

If they didn’t instantly charge your Visa card/bank account, it wouldn’t be as annoying, but the fact that they accept your money, but doesn’t deliver the product within a reasonable timeframe is just plain wrong.

Since quite a few people seems to have these issues, and with Funcom being a norwegian company, I wonder if this would be of any interest to the norwegian television show , “TV2 hjelper deg” (TV2 helps you). The show addresses consumer-related questions, mainly complaints from ordinary consumers, and with quite a confrontational style try to help those who do not get what they are entitled to as consumers.