I bought the points, the money was withdrawn from the account and the points never got

I bought game points, the money from the card was withdrawn and the points never got “[Служба поддержки Funcom # 1101809]” “[Funcom Support #1101740]”
i wait 48 hours

How long have you waited, and have to tried logging out / back in or closing the game completely?

Funcom uses a very archaic billing system. Sometimes it will take a few days for you to get your points.

You can contact Funcom via the https://www.funcom.com/help/ website. Generally speaking, GMs and CMs will not answer you on the forums. This is not the place to submit your tickets. And a moderator (usually a volunteer who does not get paid) will tell you this.

Generally speaking, it takes roughly 3-4 days for me to get points when I buy them. Sometimes they have to manually verify things, and as said at the beginning, they use a very archaic billing system. If your payment was approved you will get your points, it will just take time.

3-4 days is on first purchase, you may want to clarify that.

I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble with a recent Funcom Points purchase. I can see that your recent email support request was answered, so please be sure to check your email inbox for further instructions.

I understand if you’ve felt frustrated with this situation, but we can only help with payment issues like this through email support, I’m sorry. Your patience while we do so is greatly appreciated.