Funcom points not showing on store

Last night I bought funcom points on the store the funds have left my bank account and as of yet I have no funcom points to show for my money. Can someone help me? Yes, I have posted a ticket.

over 24 hours since I bought the points from the in game store and as of yet I still have nothing and no response from anyone.

I’ve had this happen to me numerous times.

The points can take anywhere from 1-7 days to clear. If you get a response from Funcom they will tell you its not their fault and its a “middleman” problem, as this was their general excuse when I would enquire in the past.

It was fine until this week. the money has been taken from my account funcom just haven’t upheld their side of the deal.

So I bought 2400 more points because someone told me that might solve the issue but nothing has happend payments still pending for all 3 transactions. Losing the will to live here. Not a nice feeling.

Pending means the transaction between Funcom and your payment source has not been completed - on both sides. This is not the same as a ‘Failed Payment’ (that would display as a “Frozen Account”).

Some banks hold transactions made after Friday closing and weekends until Monday mornings. I hope that’s the case with your payment and it processes tomorrow.

Good luck,

The payment went through yesterday when a kind GM manually actioned the payment. All is well that ends well. Thanks Crom.

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My points and premium membership is on the funcom web page but not in the game. I put in a ticket and it’s been about a week no change. Can an admin help me. Thanks.

I’d message AndyB he’s top guy for this stuff.

Thanks will do.

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