Can't buy funcom points

I tried to write the email but I didn’t receive an answer. My card is ok, my paypal account is correct, I tried both payment methods but the payment failed. I have never had problems with the same card until now.

Since I want to transfer two characters from the server I need your help.

Use you the E-mail Ticket System ? Or try to write an E-mail manuell ?

yes, email ticket system from my account…

And you don´t get any Confirmation e-mail with a Ticket Number ? ? if so have you check your Spam folder ?

I received the autamatic mail of the system, and I answered already this morning but the problem is still not solved.

The payment fails immediately without even being pending…

delete your payment option and create it again, sometimes it can help.

Done at least 20 times…

The payment fails immediately, also via paypal

Iit’s been 9 days since I’ve sent an email to customer support regarding my account/ payment… still no word from any funcom representative…I guess as “Vatoi” stated in one of the posts: “wait time it’s around 15 days for funcom to look into issues”

Several people in the game have told me that no one responds to email support. Now I begin to remember why I quit the game 8 years ago.

My card works, only on their site it tells me that there is an error …

Luckily at least the system gives me attention … better than nothing …

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Is it possible that a premium user does not have the slightest assistance, when even the user asks for assistance because he wants to pay money?

Unbelievable …

The problem persists, even with other credit cards working perfectly online, except on your site.

is it too much to ask for assistance?

I had that problem too once with a card I’d used before. Have you checked with your bank to make sure they’re not blocking the transaction?

When it happened to me and I called my bank they said they blocked it thinking it was fraud as I don’t normally ‘shop’ in Sweden (where Funcom is located). Some banks have a system like that where they either alert you (got one of those too) to make sure your CC number hasn’t been stolen or just block it.

Call your bank, can’t hurt to double check.

I was today in the morning in the bank and is all ok…

My card works good i buy today a game in the ps store.

Is not problem from my 3 cards