Plz activate my Paid Account[Funcom Support #1119757]

Paid via Paypal and get the 60 Funcom Points but my Account is Frozen .
Wonder what kind of error is that =/ have write the Support 3 times but no answer ! checked the Discord for a GM but nothing . really that is not normal had Funcom not a 24h Service for Mails ?

best regards

still frozen plz Funcom fix my Account .

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boring weekend for me my Account is still frozen :joy: Dear Funcom we live in 2019 Handy+email
should be connected for good Support:wink:



:stuck_out_tongue: just joking

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not funny more:rofl: is still frozen and no response

ok 3 days later i get no answer and my Account is still frozen . Money is approved plz fix my Account :rofl:

4 days later no response account is still frozen…Where is the customer service ?

Unfortunately, Customer Service does not hang out on the forums. :frowning:

yes but the CMs. i mean have paid 17 bucks and should solved in 24 hours but nothing in 5+ days :joy:

6 days later no response from the Customer Service =/
Account is paid and Money is approved “still frozen”

how much longer should I wait to playing for my Money ? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: yes me is boring and my Account “still frozen”

no answer account is still frozen! cant login my account this day…
I have now contact Paypal and hope solved my problem with Funcom soon!

best regards


best regards