Account paid but frozen

Hello there,

I have paid for an account a week ago (reactivation not a new one), np to play for a week but today the account is frozen.

The account is already paid for a YEAR. Why it is frozen and can you reactivate it.

thank you.

Account Name


Membership Status

Frozen / Expired (2023-08-06 22:40:13)

Payment ID Created Description Amount Status
123554469 2023-08-01 Anarchy Online 12 month recurring 109.71 EUR Approved

ayé avec

Carte de débit VISA x-xxxx

Vous verrez “PAYPAL *FUNCOMOSLO” sur votre relevé de carte.

€ 109.71 EUR

Gérer les paiements de Funcom Oslo AS

Numéro de transaction


Informations du vendeur

Funcom Oslo AS

+47 19198829547

Numéro de facture


Détails de l’achat

Anarchy Online 12 month recurring

€ 109.71 EUR

Total € 109.71 EUR

hey hey :blush:

Funcom doesn’t offer support through the forums; it’s best if you don’t post sensitive details like your account name here. You can contact them via Funcom Help - Funcom.

Hey, thank you for information, I’ll check there.

thank you.

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