My account is frozen after 9 days

twice now that I have activated my account and after 9 days it is frozen, I have sent emails without any response. if it’s a scam you tell me because it’s starting to annoy me

As i said in another topic unrelated to this :


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I’ve this issue too, for the first time in my playtime.

31st of March I reactivated my main accaunt using CC. Success, playable.
Also, I’ve upgraded my sons 2 accounts from froob to fully paid.

1st Account had payment Failed (yet CC was charged). After 8 days this acc went frozen.
2nd account had payment succesfully, CC was charged, and it’s playable normally.

So, I’ve used 1 CC card to pay for 3 accounts, and one transaction seemed failed, buyt still charged, and its now frozen :confused:

This may bit of a help.
I found the problem on my side.

When I upgraded accounts for my sons, one time I missed phone validation for transaction. By missing this step CC was Charged by 3rd party, but bank blocked transaction due failed validation. Thus leading Failed Transaction at FunCome side.

So, I was charged by 3rd party but FC never got that info due lack of my action.

(so, all in all my bad). I paid one more time, with validation and things now are smooth.

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