Payment problem

Secound time in last three monts I have payment problem. I have pay for 1 month of playing and payment is accepted but account is in frozen status. Last time i have lost 3 or more days without any recompensation.
BTW I have used to pay MasterCard on New Account Page.


That looks a lot like the old account page though. The new one is found at:

What happens if you click the reactive button on the new account page?

If I click reactivate I have option to pay for sub like not payed account. This same problem was 2 months ago and after 3-5 days acc was unlocked without any message from fc.
Acc still is FROZEN

Account is unfrozen. I can close topic

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For future reference; how did you solve it?

Same issue here, I have 5 accounts all paid with the same Visa bank debit card. Now, one is frozen due to a failed payment. My bank has told me no one has been refused or failed any transactions. I have repeatedly tried to pay to no effect. Nothing has changed since last month and my other accounts are fine. My 5th account is mainly just a bank, one lil lady for org bot and another since the first has filled her bank.
Just checked my account, after deleting all my payment methods and re-entering the one I normally use I notice something odd. I don’t use autofill, hate that crap. I entered my card number correctly but every time when I have entered a new payment method the autofill drop down is missing the last 4 digit of my card. Would post pics of this but since I’ve only played AO 20 years I’m too new to the forum here to post pics. “Coming Soon” the cancellation of all of my accounts and it will not take me years to get it done, Funcom!

Proven, it is Funcom, just paid for 3 more months on one of the other accounts with the exact same card. Tried to pay the frozen account and the renewed one on register.funcom and anarchyonline got through on anarchyonline for the renewed one. Greed, gets things done with no effort don’t it Funcom? Still can’t pay the other though. Failed, failed, failed yep that’s been Funcom’s mantra for years kinda like “Coming Soon” or coming when we have killed the game, guess you broke up with Blizz and are swapping spit with MS and Windows now. Yep, 'We finally fixed everything!" sounds like Funcom. We’ll give it to you free and upgrade it for free now your computer is not your’s. Explanation for this Funcom? Anything to say in your defense?? Pity, I got AO running on Linux Mint only to have this happen.

Saavick hmmm familar name there, remember Fett, Dizzz, Ivort?

Hah, Ivort from New Movement?

I remember you guys and Underground well. I had a fixer, Kijomimi, but we talked a long time ago.

As for FC - they basically do not care about customer support now from what I can see. I have had a ticket in for weeks and some people have had support tickets in for over a year. No feedback.

Funcom pulled their heads out long enough to get it done. I’m the only NM guy around atm tried getting Moto, Fett and Ivort back(FB friends)but they have lives now, while I’m done and retired. I upset Kintaii long ago for pointing out a login that doesn’t tell you that you entered the wrong password while hiding it, was a high school level programming mistake. He and Funcom didn’t much like my honesty LOL. Banned a few of my accounts at the time. This situation is similar, once you enter your payment info you basically cannot see what you entered after. Meaning if you made a mistake or the system corrupted your input you couldn’t see it and you cannot see it after to be sure you got it right. If they are failing your payments wipe all the payment methods and re-enter on anarchyonline not at register/funcom.

If we want something done about Funcom, we will get more action by contacting Steam. They are serious about their platform and Funcom is hurting their bottom line.

Guess you can close this until…hmmm later today, tomorrow, never?

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