Account still frozen, but i got funcom points

support no respond so natural, tried pay for reactive account and still si pending or failed but i got funcom points for one payment and my question is wtf?!

Membership Status
Frozen / Expired (2023-02-07 08:12:10)
123517682 2023-02-10 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 17.19 EUR Failed
123517064 2023-02-07 Anarchy Online 1 month recurring 17.19 EUR Approved

i just want to back to this game after a few months and is f…n impossible! for what is support in this game?!?

Really no any answers?? Money gone and account still frozen WTF ppl

Did you use the new webpage when you tried to pay for the account?

I know it can show as bugged on the old and then I think you can press like a reactivate button on the new account page.

I use only that webpage and still the same problem… Nothing work, money gone and account frozen

Account Type

1 month recurring

Membership Valid Until


Membership Status

Cancelled will not auto-renew

thats mean i will not be able pay for play this game anymore???

That looks like it should if you have auto-renew off, have you tried logging in to the game?

game work good and im happy :slight_smile: hope renew will work