How I Unfroze my account after waiting for a month

I was finally able to unlock my Frozen account after waiting on support for four weeks. This is how I did it.

First, let me throw out that I do not work for Funcom, so all of is just my theory and no guarantee this is how Funcom works or that this will work for anyone else. But I want to share this with others in case it does because I was pretty unhappy about my account being Frozen with no end in sight and missing out playing with my friends.

I know this is not a new trick or something I’ve discovered, but I see a lot of frustrated posts so maybe this will help someone out there in the same situation.

  1. Backstory

My account is not a new account. My friend asked me to resub and join the new server, and I finally agreed. I logged into my account and entered my updated credit card details and purchased the 1 year sub pack with items. The payment never moved off of Pending. It was the weekend so I thought maybe it would clear when the banks open Monday.

While the Payment was in Pending state, the account was Frozen. Annoying, but I thought it would resolve next business day.

The payment stayed Pending for awhile, but after a week the “held funds” were released back to my account. The payment didn’t go through, and now it reflected Failed. My account remained Frozen.

  1. Theory

My theory is there sort of fraud protection on the accounts and any large-ish purchase gets automatically flagged. Either that or it’s just random, who knows for sure. But in my experience, the larger the purchase the more likely it will be flagged.

In a perfect world, someone would audit the account quickly and either approve or reject w/ email. Funcom support is apparently not able to keep up with all the requests, so the “flagged” payments (large amounts, new credit card) just sit in limbo.

  1. How I Fixed My Account

I logged into my account using the old Anarchy Online account page: register funcom account

There was a red box notice on the left menu stating I had problems with a payment, and to click here or something

Under View Payments, I was able to see the Failed payment

There was a link to change payment types - I tried a different card, but it also failed (and it shouldn’t have, neither should the first one). I changed the payment method to PayPal which actually uses the credit card Funcom was failing. Once I changed the method to PayPal and resubmitted the Failed payment, the account unlocked.

TL;DR - find the failed payment in your account and change the payment type - in my case, I changed from a debit card to a paypal account

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Unfortunately I don’t think this would work for most people, in my case I have 2 consecutive payments in the payments tab (also checked on the old website), the payments are simultaneous, one is failed and the following is accepted. The money was taken from my card and but the account remains Frozen.

I’m not sure what could have caused this, and frankly I don’t care either.

If I was charged money I expect a service to be rendered. The sheer fact that there isn’t even any form of communication in my case for now 11 days is absolutely beyond the pale.

I had the same issue with 1 accepted and 1 failed,

In order to do this i just payed for 1 month not using any offers, since the original purchase was for 3 months offer and it showed 2 times in payment history, no idea why it worked with just paying for 1 month normally.