"Account frozen" due to broken Account Management structure

after beeing inactive for a few years I wanted to subscribe for 12 months.
I used the old (i didnt know better at that point) account management page: register.ageofconan.com and tried to sub via paypal. it failed twice, using different approaches until i realized there is a new AccMS: account.ageofconan.com
interestingly it worked but i also had the two failed tries from before in its history; whatever, the page stated — and states up to this date — that I’m an active subscriber until 2022 (!). After 20 minutes or so my ingame account was promoted as well; since all this nonsense took quite a while I shut my PC down, planning to set AA feats over time etc the next day.
but the next day, all my premium features were gone again. no extra slots, no aa training etc.
i checked the new accountMS, everything seemed to be in order; I checked my PayPal account to see if something unusal happened → no problemo here as well!
i logged into the old system (register…) and there my status was Frozen. due to not having payed the 2 subscriptions, that YOUR system failed to pay funcom!
what is this BS? i checked my mails, and they even send me a notification about my frozen status. the Email adress provided by that very mail for clearing up this problem ([email protected]) isnt even working anymore!
instead i wrote a ticket to your support via your hp, and guess what, they are promising me: “Unfortunately, our response times are extremely long right now.”

Is this a big trolling action? like the ABC of “how to scare off returning customers?”
and this forum is full of stories like that.
FIX YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE and do not punish me or us for your faults. how long am I suppossed to wait for my account to be unfrozen, while you already received my money? 2 years, until the failed subscriptions wear off? (this is meant as a joke, but its likely the truth…)


That is unfortunately far too common of a situation. It doesn’t seem like anything will ever be done to make these kinds of issues stop happening, so we just have to live with these shortcomings.

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Hi guys,

Same thing for me.
As it is a very new issue for me, I will wait a bit of course.

Best Regards!

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Can an official confirm that the 1st link of the topic owner is actually outdated and we are supposed to use the 2nd one as stated in the Initial post? I always used the first one without noticeable troubles so far.

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what method for payment do you use? for me and friends its the PayPal option that is causing these kind of troubles; one may call it consitency of inconsitency :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, but I paid by card. This disgrace took money and already 10 days ignore my addresses. Status frozen. I will write a petition to Steam about fraud on their part and a request to block all their games in Steam before solving THEIR problem!

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similar thing hapend to me a week ago and still no answer,im thinking in making a petition to european customer office for fraud,mb they work more faster,cus this is just hylarios,1 week and not even an answer or something to fix mi problem,and all i have to do is sit and wait till some1 bothers in atend me sometimes while i have some toons locked and play as f2p ,btw mi ticket is [Funcom #1127373]

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I found that the most reliable way to pay with PayPal on the Funcom website is to:

  • Delete the payment option;
  • Create the payment option again;
  • Make the purchase;

It doesn’t always work, but otherwise it’s almost guaranteed to fail… :roll_eyes:

Do you offer to pay for the same already paid service twice more?

I did something like that… but…

Yea, told you, the system works so badly that even that way is not guaranteed… :roll_eyes:

No, if you have already a pending payment, don’t do it again, it just makes things even worst! :astonished:
Just try to delete the payment option and add it again.

I think you are all ahead of your time, working payment-options werent invented before 2028

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It seems this kind of problem exists for a long time now. I cannot understand why funcom doesn’t do anything about it, or acknolwedge the issue, warning people about possible problems, and suggesting some methods to avoid it (like: Please don’t pay twice for same thing, because we might charge you double and you still will have to wait 2 months for response from us).

We are not talking about in-game bug, but real money being taken and then hesitantly returned after long time. Word ‘fraud’ is mentioned in this discussion couple of times, and it is quite worrying how accurate it is. It is really damaging game more than pvpers arguing in global or guild dramas. It’s like clerk in store taking your money for your groceries and then ignoring you for 3 weeks without giving you your desired products. Really baffling.


Hey all,

I understand it’s frustrating and concerning to experience payment issues (on top of support wait times). We’re still working to address each ticket as they come in, in the order received.

While some billing/account issues may end up looking like they have the same end-result, the reasons and solutions for each issue must be investigated on a case-by-base basis and cannot be resolved in a public forum space like this.

That said, I’ll look into complaints from individual users and see what’s going on and what can be done. Thanks for your patience and support.

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mi problem was solved and mi acount unfroze,tyvm


My account’s been frozen for 3 weeks with an open ticket, which is awesome. I had a failed payment on the register.ageofconan site and made another payment on the account.ageofconan which was approved immediately. Not so sure if I fix my failed payment that this will change the frozen status or if I will just be charged again.

Hi guys,

they solve my issue in a very few days.

Best regards to all!!


my account has been unfrozen as of yesterday, so roughly 1 week later

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I had a payment chargeback and got an autoban tiket id is #1126698 pls give me the oprion to pay again so i can have my account back pls