Payed it is approved but still frozen

Seriously so many people complain about the same thing. This should be illegal already.

I have payed yet the account is frozen…How is this possible? I have the payment approved but it still shows account is frozen.
Why do i get charged…cant play but time runs out? How is this even possible? This is ileagal to bill me for something and not provide it.


Im having same Problem

Also same here. Sadly, it seems like almost half this game encountered this issue at one time or another. Even worse it take a month+ to get it resolved. I directly PM’ed a GM on discord before I got mine fixed.


Same here. Didn’t try to renew a second account because of it. Have people been credited time back to their accounts?

Hi, I have the same issue on one of my accounts, it shows as being approved in My Account interface but it’s still frozen. I checked my credit card transaction list and it shows the money has been withdrawn but it’s in a pending state, which would mean the bank Funcom is working with didn’t capture the transaction.

An official answer would greatly be appreciated.

Also the time wasted between the approval time and when the account will become playable should be returned to us. It’s quite unprofessional and illegal at the same time.



Paid via Paypal on this day but is frozen . Only i get the 60 Funcom Points =/ plz activate my Account[Funcom Support #1119757] :slight_smile: