Double charged?


So i went ahead and snagged up the 12 month sub price. Payment went through. Account said open. Few minutes later, I have a SECOND pending payment of 12 months, then that one failed and ultimately made my account frozen. Why funcom?


I’m so sorry to hear of this confusing instance. I’ve investigated your account and corrected the error. If you still have funds held through your bank account, they should clear in the next 24 hours. You will not be charged for a second 12 Month Subscription.

For quicker, more efficient help with Billing issues, please create a ticket through or (when live chats are availble).


Being double charged has been an issue for years! At least their support can fix it.


What about the issue of being charged, and unlocking account access. I have a friend trying to play and, despite being able to now unlock old toons, has no actual benefits like AA points, XP bonus etc. Apparently this is a common thing right now.


If your friend is not receiving the benefits of membership, we will need them to visit and submit a ticket to have an account specialist take a look. We’re happy to help, but for security purposes, we need to talk to them in a more verifiable medium. Thank you for your patience.