Issues with Game Time


Anyone else got issues with their accounts’ game time since the start of Halloween?

My account is paid through the end of 2020, yet it’s frozen:
Account status: Frozen (Cancelled) [Reactivate account]
Playable: Not playable
Membership valid until: 2020-11-10 16:24

Do I need to pay FC… AGAIN to unfreeze?


Account issues can only be solved by there Ticket System under


I’m having the exact same issue and sadly waiting for a ticket reply to play too :frowning: fortunately not in a rush.

Did you have the same issue with two payments appearing at the same time (one I assume being the recurring) and the recurring being pending causing frozen like me?

It’s a shame because the payment from PayPal for me has actually gone through so I’m out of cash with nothing to show as of yet :rofl:


I had a double charge used a debit card so my banks fraud department locked my cards had to call in to fraud department they ended up reversing one of the charges got a RUDE email from funcom CS accusing me of going to my bank behind their backs… (?) to have the charged reversed they are counting the double charges as 2 months game time ??? they don’t even sell two months game time goes form one month to 3 month sub not 2 month. In the email they explained they wanted that second 14.95 back to unlock my account so they jacked 15 bucks form me for nothing.
Here is part of the convo from a funcom CS GM
“Instead of contacting Funcom Customer Support to request a refund for the accidental order, you requested the charge forcibly charged back by your card provider. Because the order was forcibly charged back, we aren’t able to reopen the account for play until the owed amount is repaid, I’m sorry.
Please keep in mind that the full 60 days of membership you paid for will be available once the suspension is lifted, and your account isn’t missing anything it should have. You also have access to 30 and 60-day membership rewards, including the Vacuum Packed Digummy Skoot Armor you recently claimed on ********. For a full list of rewards available through the membership reward program, please be sure to review the following page on our website:”

funcom must be Circling the drain sad to say AO was like my first MMO in like 1999 or around there I really enjoyed Age of conan but I don’t think I will EVER play another funcom title you are putting it on US for your payment mistakes and that is not right go ahead and ban this post for now this is between AO users only you piss me off enough and censor me especially when giving some warnings and fair information on how you are handling your business and fro just 5 mins of scanning the forums I am NOT the only one getting double charged

EDIT*** I also can see fromt he website I made ONE sub in my transaction history on the anarchy online account infro panel my last sub was in 2004 on that account so its not hard to spot the SINGLE 14.95 charge