My second account is still frozen, Paid over 1 month ago. Billed 10 times!

My second account was billed 10 times for one month out of the blue. All charges happened in less than 10mins around midnight for FC billing. My bank approved the first charge and declined the other 9 charges. Their system insists that I’m not paid for and froze my account because of the other 9 charges. If I try to update the billing information it just continues to try to re-bill all of them and wont allow me to play until every charge is paid for. There is no way to delete the failed payments and funcom even a month later has still refused to get back to me to fix this issue.

I love this game, but at what point is too much? Can you please not charge my account 10 times? Could you please not take over 35 Days to fix a billing issue? Could you please not take my money and still refuse to let me play?

I completely missed all the anniversary content on a account I really needed it on. The is a complete bummer and has me questioning if I should even play anymore. It really makes me concerned that even more serous issues might arise in the future and I’ll be completely lost to fix them, as I am now.

Hopefully this thread will get some attention and won’t be instantly deleted like I see others.

Please fix my account…


did you make a Ticket over the E-Mail Ticketsystem?

I did it on funcoms/anarchy online website.

Spoke to a GM on discord today that fixed the issue. However, he also said waiting that long is mandatory before you can directly PM a GM. Which is upsetting but I was glad for it to be resolved after all this time.

Thank you for the reply.

I reactivated an accont and was billed twice for a month. I reactivated another accont and was as you frozen since I only paid the fee once this time.

Well, having a fun time ingame. But this is not a great way to get more players.

Got a ticket…no answers!