Account still frozen

My accounts been a free account for 6 days now even though i have a 3 month recurring sub. I’d be okay waiting this long if i got my friend keys so i could at least blitz some missions for money while i wait but i havent even gotten that. i need something stating hey we are fixing this or at least my friend key so i can do something while i wait for this.

my funcom support number is Funcom Support #1105141

That’s weird… I’ve been waiting for 5 days and my ticket number is #1105595.Guess you should get an answer soon… I think they have loooots of requests to solve.

I am sorry to hear that, but the forum is not the right place for account or payment problems.

As in the Quote above me, the only correct way is the Email Ticket System.

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Same exact issue, imagine that every single new subscriber has this problem… and they have to wait to patch it xD they should just put out that its broken atm LOL

Been waiting on my ticket for 7 days now… [Funcom #1105182]

I’m at 6 days and counting [ Funcom Support #1105714]… who else is out there

I understand that Funcom wants to fix problems with the Classic server and wants to do it in a timely manner.
What I do not understand if Funcom concede in the conversion of the server my LTA and I can not log in for a week.
I’m still lucky, but the people who have to pay for the game are not treated like paying customers but like subjects who have to be patient until the ruler has time.
This has nothing to do with customer service at all, but is ignorance towards paying customers.

Ticket [Funcom Support #1105629] posted on 9.3.2019

I can only imagine that there are like 1-2 people who are handling tickets… and I guess they got hundreds of billing issue tickets since they launched the server.
In fact, they should give us some kind of compensation for the waiting time… most of us paid some good money and cant play/log in/use expansions/etc… for a week.

My hope is my 3 months won’t start until I can actually log in. Seems like the least they can do. 7 days waiting and counting …

Did anyone get a response yet? I’m starting to lose my patience now…

None yet.

Nope. It’s now been a full week. I wonder if billing works weekends.

holy cow!! 7 days, man thats doesnt seem worth it to me. Funcom Support #1106767, I was free subbed last night, but I dont have access to the paid portion of it. can still log in just can not get AI xp. my toons are still on the new landing

Lol… #1106767… and even the #1105182 didn’t get a response yet… guess you’ll wait a couple of weeks to get an answer

my account is playable and on the register.funcom side is open. But on the anarchy online account page it is listed as frozen. Still havent got any of my special items for resubbing either.

10 days and still waiting for just a response from any human that works at funcom. I’m starting to remember why I cancelled so long ago.

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Same… still no answer since 9th of March …
I wrote them again, still no answer. This is ridiculous…They will lose a lot of subscribers/money if they continue like this… Really, just hire more people who can take care of it. It’s a shame that they cancelled Live chat - I remember I could solve all my problems via live chat relatively fast…
Not even a forum moderator informs us about the eta wait time for a response… they just don’t care about us.

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… Read the post I replied to… about the ticket issues. It’s just sad and unbelievable

I have been waiting for an answer since March 9 and nothing has happened yet.
This can no longer be called support, that is actually indifference to customers. I’m curious to see what is offered to customers as compensation for the unreasonable waiting time or whether they are so unprofessional as to pretend that this is an acceptable customer service.