Billing problems

I was waiting for long enough and decided to post here.
Question is - does Funcom want money from customers or not?
I’ve paid for my main character with my credit card - payment went smooth, account activated.
Then I’ve tried to do the same with the rest of my accounts - all payments failed.
I’ve petitioned - got reply that GMs can’t help with billing ingame and I have to contact support.
I’ve emailed to support using official contact form at FC web-site - and still didn’t received an answer.
I mean - if you guys too busy to pay attention to payments - just say something like “Hey, we have more important things to care about, we don’t need your money, get back to us in 2020 or later when we’ll have nothing better to do”.
I will never ever believe that there are thousands of tickets ahead of me regarding billing problems, otherwise AO would be overcrowded with players and playerbase would be much bigger than World of Tanks’ one.
My main account has character named Artyomis, so if any FC representative will ever read this and decide to solve my problem - you’ll find out all linked accounts of mine w/o problems.
But, honestly, atm I see no real motivation to play and pay, cause I’m being ignored at the most important aspect of any business - money.

Be patient… most of us have been waiting for +10 days for a reply on our ticket… and yes most of us have serious billing problems like yours

This is what a Funcom representative a few hours ago wrote

The forum is not the appropriate place for Account or Billing Issues.