Trying to pay to play with my son

Andy/@AndyB , please help with my account. Can’t pay for anything. My account is frozen, yet playable. Apparently the card I was using, my bank card, had issues. Now, it doesn’t. I corrected the problem with my bank. Now, Funcom won’t take my money. I know I had this issue years ago, right around when AOC started in 2008, and the problem persisted for days, that is, help for it took that long, and if assistance wasn’t given, the problem would have persisted indefinitely. I don’t want that to happen. My son needs help questing, and just in general I want to spend this time with him on one of my all time favorite games. This problem is making that more a problem than it should. I could F2P it, but why? Please help me play/pay. TIA

I had some payments issues in the past. Usually, the way I fixed it was by removing the payment method and adding it again. If Funcom support is not helping, it might be worth a try.

You know you can play for free right? I wouldn’t pay funcom a dime. they don’t deserve your money

They don’t deserve my money but I found a way to give it to them anyways. Just switched to paypal.

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