Funcom, I want to give you money. Help me give you money

Playing the game again with my kids. My son wants to subscribe. I can log into the game but not the funcom account.

For a week, I’ve tried resetting the login and waiting and trying again and going through every hoop and process posted on the web to try to get back into the funcom acct.

Again, the AoC accounts, I can log into fine. The master account I cannot.

I want to give you cash every month for me kid’s account. Also, my yearly membership comes up in a month and I have to update the CC info.

My kid and I want you hand you a bunch of money. Help us do that, Funcom.

Thank you.

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@AndyB a little bit of magic, please.

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Sent a ticket in, and no response to that either. :confused:

I want to renew sub one account and start sub on another because we really like the game. Anyone know of a way to reach Funcom?

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