So you want us to pay for playing this

But you have ZERO customer support.

I’ve sent a mail to your support 2 weeks ago and no reply, and according to many players on other forums, it’s almost impossible to get help from a GM for ingame issues.
I’m trying to get back into the game after years of being away, and i can’t even login my old
characters, constantly getting timed out at the login.

But… you still want our money ?.

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They won’t respond to your petition if you’re not subbed because they have largely abandoned the project. If you sub for a month you’ll get a reply within a few days or sooner if you’re loud enough (tag them on Twitter @funcom for faster results :wink:)

I’m not going to sub now if they’re not willing to help me sort out the issues
with my old account… why should i ?. It doesn’t give me much confidence in their
treatment of customers .

If they expected us to pay they would fix their multiple payment issues

no sub=no response,no response=unable to sub, vicious circle. Its a nightmare. Should I laugh or cry for this?

Funcom no want our money
The Paysystem it is since 2 years broken :frowning:

Maybe if they fixed the pay system they’d actually see that there’s money to be made in this game


Here here!


A shame. I actually really looking forward to play my char again.
Sad thing when a company does this to games.

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Yeah it’s very sad we’ve been very vocal about how unhappy we are about it but fun com doesn’t care. I’m not privy to how much money this game actually makes but apparently their CEO Rui Cassais doesn’t feel that this game makes enough money to devote anyone to. They actually made a forum post a few months back describing the fact that they will no longer support non-paying players. So if you’re free to play player you’re basically screwed. It all amounts to Funcom saying. “You want help with your problem? F*** you pay me!”

it is what it is but if you can get past all that the game is fun and worth playing. I wish I could give you better news.

what I have suggested in the past is that they bring back the follower of Asura program and allow community volunteers to help out as GM’s. Hell I’d even be willing to sign up for that (If they still give out free subscription membership for service that is) Although that sort of gm wouldn’t be able to help you with financial transactions, issues in the game could be solved relatively easily.

I’m going to make a suggestion that you just create a new account and roll a new character. If you haven’t played the game in a long time it’s going to be a completely different experience. The game has changed a lot since early days. Might not hurt to go back through it all with a fresh outlook. and then you can sort out your issue with your main account at some point down the road if you decide you want to stick around. That’s what I would do if I were you.


I still wait for them to reply and It has been a week since then. Do they try to fix the payment issues or not?

They take 1 - 12+ weeks typically to respond to email tickets.

They seem to be improving but still have an incredible backlog.

Maybe they will update the payment system to something 2021 at some point

The potential of this game has passed by. It is by far the funnest and most engaging game I’ve ever played. But with zero content for years and years it has sadly fallen to be a shell of what it once was. Even if they made a new xpac…not many would return at this point. If they made one 8 to 10 years ago they would have had to create new servers.

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