Waiting for support!

I subscribed for membership on friday the 28th August and am still not able to play my characters! after placing a ticket on the day, i’m still waiting for someone to fix the issue!! Money has been taken, and still no sub ffs

Its 2020 and these issues and double payments just continuing to happen after months and years, i mean lemonade-stands ran by kids manages to charge correctly from creditcards. By now it should really be considered a scammy strategy, it surprises me that paypal allows this to continue as they are usually strict with these things, i hope everyone who runs into these issues reports it to paypal


Just a friendly FYI regarding funcom and chargebacks, if you perform a chargeback on any payment made to Funcom you will be banned instantly as they will automatically assume the transaction was fraudulent.

This has been a PSA from your friendly neighborhood spreadman.