Petition respont time

Hello Lovely company[funcom] . We pay to subscribe to your lovely game that we all adore so much.We really turn our backs to the fact that NONE literally NONE on your company cares about cheaters/afkers/etc and luck of content ofc , we try to move on and still play the game BUT having LITERALLY NO SUPPORT IN GAME is just insane.Why do
we have to wait 1 hour -2 hours - 5weeks 3 months For petition to be answered .So we pay you and in return we get NOTHING.LITERALLY nothing no action taken no support exist JUST Nothing.All we have to do is w8 andy to log and give us pink hair. GGz



Do something with the game, or sell it on to someone who will.


For a bonus they don’t ban cheaters/afkers/etc but they rather ban normal players randomly



If you folks can improve your customer service in response to Age of Conan, why, that’d be great. Your players are the reason why this game is still going, 11 years running, while others died long ago. This IP is fantastic, don’t let it go bad b/c of poor petition response times and poor treatment of paying customers.


I hate to say it but its history repeating itself, i have lost count of the amount of times people have started these threads, there is a trend you will all see, people will talk and write how they feel, and then in an attempt to make people brain washed they will Delete the post. I love this game , but i find it very hard to log in now days, Funcom are the most irresponsible company in the way they treat the people that pay for their living. They have TERRIBLE knowledge of their own game which is very often shown on the pitiful live streams they do where they will come into raid finder and have no clue at all, they have no idea of the animations in game so cant tell the difference between playing Legit or people using comber . If they do answer a petition many days down the line its the same Generic lazy response, sorry we can not help you but we hope you have a wonderful day. Just a pitiful company now everyone gets banned with the lazy blanket excuse " Suspicious activity" people i have known in game for years who are good legit players being banned for this BS. Funcom need to pull their finger out and own up to their short comings and actually do something, we all know you are a joke, so prove us wrong, how can you as a company have so little pride in your work, or respect for the people who are paying for you to have a Christmas Turkey on your table on the 25th. @Funcom