Does /petition Actually Work?

Seriously, not even being sarcastic. Because I have made about 3 over the past few months and I don’t get so much as a screw you. Paid account btw. Literal blocker level issues around my gameplay. I mean the petition, it just sits there. Not even a “We got it, no worries, give me a bit” or “28th in line…” with an occasional system message update or anything. Hell, I’ll take a, “Hey give me 24 hours and I got you” at this point. I won’t bother asking about policies around what kind of service level a paid account should be receiving.

Also, what do you even do. I mean I’m not actually expected to just stay logged in forever right? Ironically this is the sort of stuff that just creates more support tickets. Super confused.

The in game petition system is bad. It has been a while since I have used it (several years) and the last time I used it, it took days to get it resolved (logging in and out, having to resubmit).

You are better off going on the website and submitting a support ticket there. Not to be a debbie downer or scare you, but when I tried to reactivate my account the entire process of paying/setting up a new card etc on the account page was horrible, I could not do anything because there was no option to.

So I sent them an email and in the mean time I was complaining about this experience on discord and someone mentioned there are actually 2 links to the account page the “old” one (the one that ACTUALLY works and gives you control) and the new one that does not work at all. I used the link they gave me and I fixed it. This was maybe…a month or two ago I forget, but a week or two ago I got an email in regards to the problem with me trying to subscribe. So yeah either have fun waiting or good luck in getting a speedy response.

I’m sorry to say that the “support” is in a sorry state, there might be a lot of ppl on vacation and so on that makes it even worse, what do i know :slight_smile:
Last time i petitioned in–game it took like 4 days for someone to get back to me, and this was like 2 months ago.

Thanks for the replies, good to hear I’m not completely crazy.