Does Support Exist?

I sent in a ticket on August 31st and I have yet to receive any sort of response. I realize that the “Ingame Support” is a myth, but is anyone actually going through support tickets submitted via the web site?

I’m sorry to sound like an ■■■■■■■, but it’s not like the game population is booming anymore.

Player of Nevver

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It exists, but they’re short-staffed and also supporting several other Funcom games. Nothing to do but wait with as much patience as you can muster.

Short staffed? The game is short on players. I’m sorry, I’m not taking it out on you, but I can’t accept that as an excuse any longer.


It’s a small team supporting several games. And the lack of players is probably the reason for the lack of staff. I’m not trying to excuse the wait times, I’m just telling it as I see it.

The clue is in your name as to when you will get an answer.


I appreciate your input, Aeryl, but I’ve run out of patience. I think expecting a response from support in less than a month is not unreasonable.


Good one, Potsie.

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According to another source i have read in another forum on another Funcom game that is also complaining about lack of customer support - @rephaim mentioned that all petitions are being answered by the NC Dept (North Carolina) ?

Don’t know how true that is - but the last thing i read about the NC place was they were moved out to work elsewhere on another game (Source: One of the Quarterly reports)

So how many that leaves doing anything is anyone’s guess.
No communication - so we are left in the waiting room.

Thank you for that info. My guess would be that it leaves 0 to 1 based upon my experience.

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One thing is for sure, when it’s a billing issue, that stuff gets taken care of pronto.

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“Thank you for purchasing our limited time offer of a 1 year sub, we will continue to bill you each month for the duration - Thank you”
That kind of “Taken care of”? lol


Had a billing ticket take 53 days not too long ago, actually. I don’t think they prioritize much, even for paying customers.

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That’s about the developers, not Customer Services.

CS waiting times are terrible lately, as the same department is handling all the different games (including Conan Exiles which is much bigger than the rest of the titles combined).

If it’s not a billing issue, then it’s possible that asking for advice on the forum with details of the problem might help. Can’t say for sure that the community would be of any help, but we’ll answer a lot quicker than FC!

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lol! No, it was when I was trying to give them money and my payment wouldn’t process. That crap got taken care of real quick.

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Were you trying to give them money or did they owe you money? I’ve had multiple payment issues and each time it got fixed very quickly.

I was trying to give them money.

Wow! They must REALLY be skimping on support.

Ya know, I’m not just another random crank ranting about support and the population going way down. I played this game since it was TSW (possibly since beta, I don’t remember). Prior to that, I played Anarchy Online since it was in beta (anyone else remember the launch of AO after beta? lolz!) so I’ve had nearly 20 years of experience with Funcom games. Their concepts and game ideas are so cool but it seems like they scuttle their own games early on while questing for the next shiny set of keys dangled in front of them. Maybe some of their games might have a longer shelf life and more solid player bases if they quit screw*** around and put some effort into the ones that already exist. I fully understand that this is a business but I don’t believe they’re running it right.

At any rate, if anyone from Funcom or Funcom Support is reading this, please look into the ticket I submitted over a month ago. I’ve sucked up other BS in the past but this is the ticket that made me sign up for the forums today.

No-one’s claiming that CS is the way we’d like it atm, we all agree that waiting times suck.

You may have more success though if you include information like the customer services ticket number. Making it harder to find your personal problem isn’t likely to speed it up.

Their games seem to have a pretty long shelf life already, but it’s pretty obvious that they weren’t prepared for the success that Conan Exiles has seen, and we’re all suffering for that.

I’ve replied to their automated email twice with the ticket number included. But, on the off chance that anyone from support is reading this, here is the ticket number:

[Funcom #1121616] Your Funcom Customer Service Ticket

AWOL, I’m not busting your balls here but if Conan Exiles is so successful, then they can afford to spend some more on customer support across the board.


Yup, totally agree!

It’s already across the board though, there’s only one CS department for all the games together - that’s why we’ve all been feeling the pinch of thousands of Exiles tickets. Frankly, they may have already increased the CS numbers, but with the popularity of CE, they’re still generating the overwhelming bulk of tickets.

I hope they’ll get to the point where the CS gets back to the way we’re used to having it, but with the natural fluctuation of the CE population, I don’t know if that’s going to be possible, because they’re not going to want to have overstaffed :frowning: The other obvious downside is that as the other titles are low populations, it’s unlikely that giving us a dedicated non-CE CS team would happen :unamused: