Does Support Exist?

I hear you. But for me, I’m not spending another dime on a game that they don’t care about and is on its way to abandonment. I still love playing the game, but I’m done with making purchaes.

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What kills me is that with the obviously declining game population, they can’t even devote at least a reasonable amount of CS resources to the game. I mean, support of SWL should be easier now with fewer players and petitions to deal with.

No matter how anyone wants to explain it, the service sucks. I’ve spent a good amount of money while playing SWL and I have received everything that I have paid for (anyone from Funcom, look up my payment history) but, while I’m a pretty patient person overall, I expect my CS tickets to be addressed within at least reasonable amount of time and over a month is completely unreasonable - that goes for every player, not just me or other paying customers.


Don’t listen to anyone who tells you they are short staffed. There is zero proof that is true and no one truly knows. I’m tired of hearing that as an excuse when no one knows what’s going on behind the scenes.


No support but they have time to strip me of the username i carried for a year and a half


Ahh… That’s why I haven’t seen you.

I think that the amount of resources required to support SWL is now lower. Pulling numbers out of the air, you could say that the number of SWL tickets has dropped from 100 per week to 10. But with the number of tickets being submitted to the same team from CE being high (which you can see just looking at the forum posts), if the CS team are having to work through 1,500 CE tickets (again, number pulled from nothing), then it won’t matter if SWL needs less support, there’s still going to be a big pile of tickets to get through. Anarchy Online’s going to be generating an unusual number of tickets atm too, as the Rubi-Ka 19 server has increased their population lately, so there’s going to be more people running into problems. They also just (re)released a new bit of content for it, so I’d expect there to be even more AO tickets atm (not really relevant to the ticket you submitted a month ago, but it does show that it’s an ongoing thing).
If there was a dedicated support team for each title, then I’d expect there to be fast responses to all our tickets, but that just doesn’t make sense given the population variation between different titles, and how different factors may mean those populations fluctuate, (like Halloween always being one of SWL’s busiest times).

The last we heard about it officially was in July, and they were up front about the fact that it wasn’t really going to get better soon.

Yes, it sucks. I’m not sure that anyone is saying it doesn’t, the CS team included. And yeah, about our only option for showing how frustrated and irritated we are is to stop buying stuff. The downside is that as the SWL population dwindles further, the impact of not buying stuff diminishes too :frowning:

If they had enough staff to deal with the current volume of tickets people wouldn’t be waiting weeks for a response.

We’re practically TSW now.

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At what point are you two (A&A) going to stop stating the obvious - while peddling excuses for Funcoms lack of support to it’s customers?

People have the right to complain, the sad fact is - there isn’t even anyone we can complain to about them.
Believe me, I’ve asked - and was told “We will not give you that information.”
If they are struggling - then HIRE someone. Even one capable person could possibly make all the difference.
I’m yet to see anyone say they’ve had a result.

The situation is bad and is only going to get worse if it continues in the same way it is now - especially if they keep releasing stuff and not actually hiring staff to deal with the workload that comes with it.
Anyone would think you two were on commission.
or worse still - hired to deal with unanswered tickets and petitions.
It’s almost like you are suggesting it’s the customers fault.

Also #JusticeForNIGESHA

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I wonder why

They sure like doing sales and adding new paid-only “content” in agent packs, but investing in customer support? No thanks


Yes, it is obvious that CS has a small team that is dealing with a high volume of tickets. You don’t need to be paid to see that. If all they needed was one capable person then we wouldn’t be seeing such long wait times - we know that CS in the past has been pretty quick to respond, so the idea that it’s only one more person needed is obviously wrong.

If these are the “excuses” that we’re meant to be peddling, then I’m not surprised we’re not getting paid.
We all agree that CS could do with more staff to help bring the waiting times down. Some of us are simply calling a spade a spade, and others are saying that there’s a conspiracy at work. If people keep asking the same questions on the forums then they’re going to get the same answers.


Well, it looks like my 18 hour message restriction as a new poster has finally expired… Christ, not even Zuckerberg is so uptight.

I’m not done b*tching (nice cuss filter - again, not even Zuckerberg is so uptight) though so…

Over a month is a RIDICULOUS amount of time to be waiting for a response, a reply, freakin’ ANYTHING that’s not simply automated and shows that someone has at least read the damned ticket. I’m not blaming the people who actually work in Customer Service, I am blaming the f’ing bean counters with the spread sheets, like this guy:

‘We are happy to be able to welcome Stian Drageset as CFO in Funcom. With his proven track record of value creation through finance leadership, business and strategy development and M&A we are confident that he will be of great value to Funcom and strengthen the executive management team,’ said Rui Casais, CEO of Funcom.

You wonder why you’re losing players/CUSTOMERS? The lack of support is definitely a problem but how about the updates/“new” content? How long ago was South Africa launched? A year ago? A year and a half? Every time I log into the game, all I see is “Await word from your faction handler.” The only “events” since then have been recycled from previous events. Okay, I’ll say the holiday stuff is fair to repeat, but what about the last “event?” Random caches? What did that take? A random number generator to pick a number between 1 and 5 or whatever to determine which cache drops? Freakin’ GENIOUS!

For f’s sake, there are only what? Eight dungeons not including the Manhattan “raid” (which is really just another dungeon with a very small play field). How many dungeons did Asheron’s Call (Turbine) have? Like 200 or something? Sure, textures and some mobs were repeated but the layouts, rewards and content were unique. And this is a game that came out in 1999 and managed just fine until 2017 when WB bought it and shut the thing down. Fortunately, Asheron’s Call has such loyal customers - and the game worked so well - that a bunch of players did whatever they did to get it up and running on private servers which seem to be doing very well. And here is Funcom with their oh-so numerous 8 dungeons making excuses about why they don’t have (refuse to hire) enough staff to provide support within a MONTH. Any other business in any other category would be shredded for crap like this. Not another DIME from me.

I’ve been a staunch Funcom supporter since Anarchy Online, even living through it’s heinous launch (Aw, who am I kidding? I bailed and cancelled my subscription just like everone else) but I’m done with that. I’ve bought your expansion packs, your patron deals, Aurum and whatever other crap you’ve thrown out there. I repeat, not another DIME until/unless there is some attention paid to this game. I understand it’s a business and you need to make a profit, but you’re doing a sh*tty job of it.

I’m done with taking this crap. DONE.

Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but apparently being polite about it - even replying to the automated ticket email - gets you nowhere.


I certainly wouldn’t let up - so go for it.
The only way you get anything done round here is to complain loud and hard.
When it becomes numerous enough, then maybe - just maybe people may get a result.

3 free starting char slots anyone?
Need i remind anyone again how you all got those?
Complaining that you were only getting one did the trick didn’t it?


I feel you completely. I haven’t paid anything in a few months, and I used to buy one, two, sometimes more 12,000 aurum packs a week! I was tempted to pay for a TSW subscription last night, but I stopped myself.

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So, I stopped paying in June. I had slowed down on the amount of aurum and how frequently just before then because I was unhappy about content and other things I was seeing. Here’s what my account looked like when I was happy with how things were going.


@Ceruleana Well, you’re making me feel a little better about what I was spending. :laughing: I totalled up my payment history and was shocked by how much I’d spent on “micro transactions.” 12000 Aurum here, 12000 Aurum there… Yow!

I don’t actually mind spending the money as much as I feel like I’ve been had in some way. I mean, Funcom is putting out a lot of stuff to buy but at the same time appears to be abandoning the game. Why would I pay for that?

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@Nevver they made Bank off of us and split for other games. Pretty sure that was the plan the entire time. Lead us on and make us believe we’re getting the new content they knew we were expecting. When people mention letting Tencent know how they’re treating their “customers” (us) … I would love to show them what I was spending and tell them why I stopped like a lot of people have.

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Yup. I’m sure they can easily figure out my game account and look at my payment history just by looking up my character’s name in a couple of tables.

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OMG you are now my hero !
I played both of them since Beta or ealy launch, so many memories …

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Fun times, for sure! :slight_smile: SWL is fun too, but some support would be nice.