Customer support changes?


Can you at least let us know what’s the estimated wait time for a customer support representative reply/ response? 48hrs? 1 week? 2 weeks? 1 month? If we know from start it’s 2 weeks wait time then at least we have an idea and nobody gets that frustrated. Any info it’s better then no info at all.

Does in-game Customer Service or any kind of support still exist?

Having read the post on the new changes to Customer Support, I have couple of questions.
What is the definition of a paying player? I assume this means subscribers, but people do support the game by buying items in the store, extra slots, and so on with real money that may not be a subscriber. This support is increased with buying armor sets, pots, etc for the Saga Servers, but also happens normally. Are people that are non subscribers that have spent alot of money on game items considered to be not supportive? I realize the game is after all a business operation, and some play the game completely free (which at some point they might become supportive)- but I would like to know, exactly what Funcom means by “financial support” . Thanks


I have to say that I really don’t like these changes. Are there not even enough people to reverse an ingame purchase that you need money to make this possible? I submitted a petition ~3 weeks ago about something that I accidently bought and I didn’t get an answer yet and from now on I even need to pay for this service? Not even the character deletion fix?
Sorry but… that’s a little much in my opinion. Things like purchases that have been accidentally made or even a full character deletion (that by the way sometimes bugs out in AoC, you want to delete character X and suddenly character Y is gone) is just no acceptable. I don’t know a single game where it’s the case that I have to be paying monthly money in order to reverse a purchase I made in game or even to restore a character that has been accidentally deleted by a bug.

And also, if the waiting-time for an answer is still going to be so incredible long I don’t see a point why these services are only for paying people. What are they paying for?


FC is just like EA. I see no difference

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I hope that “paying customers” includes people who have payed already before these changes.

Regarding this change: “Raid Loot Reassignments and Expired Mail Recovery – We are no longer able to assist players with these requests”. So now if a player ninjaloots in a raid, that’s it? I don’t understand this change. It’s something that can happen every now and then in pugs.

I didn’t even know recovering expired mail was possible, and I don’t understand why it will no longer be possible either.


I don’t understand that particular change, either. As this is something GMs can (and did) solve when the player is not even online. Accidental- or ninjalooting is a crappy thing in raids, and it should be no problem to continue to adress those cases.
I mean, lets be realistic: There are only a certain numbers of raids per week, and to keep this real raiders, who usually are subscribers (because the raid gears price is higher that the gold limit for f2p), happy should be a major concern for Funcom.
Just make clear until what time exactly you can track loot, and continue to help when a mistakes happens with loot.
This change hurts (mostly) subscibers, and there is no system in place that prevents mistakes or ninjalooting from happening.

Edit: There are only few dedicated raid leaders left in AoC. Do yourself a favor, Funcom, and don’t put more pressure on those few people - those raidleaders keep a lot of your costumers happy and paying. They are multipliers you should not underestimate. Perhaps those “community managers” should start to get to know their community, and get some input from those 15-20 people befor you make such major changes to a crucial system.

@christa I would like to know how I as a raidleader can prevent ninja- or accidantial looting? In all instances, and all cases. Looking forward to your answer.


Hahaha, I think they got today’s day confused with April 1… fools day :smile: I gotta laugh cause I’m getting high blood pressure from these “announcements”. What a joke we are…

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lol Funcom told free players to get fukt


Is this the big announcement of up coming changes we was told about , we thought it was gonna be Funcom adding something , where in the end it looks like they just telling us to get Fukt as Spread said. I will give Funcom credit though, they do find new and unexpected ways to screw the player base every time, they must have people sitting around in a room 24/7 thinking how can we screw everyone over this week…
I wish AoC wasnt such a great game, Funcom really dont have a clue what people want, they are cheap , always trying to save a buck instead of improving the experience to bring in more subs and players to boost revenue this way, its like they are happy always being on life support instead of bettering themselves, just bad decision after bad decision.


More like they told the freeloaders that if they make mistakes, Funcom won’t fix it for them.

Frankly, most of the things they say they won’t help non-paying players with anymore, is stuff I am surprised they ever did help anyone with.

Most likely this is in response to the extra-long wait times for customer service that seems exist currently, by cutting down the number of things CS will need to do.
The other option would have been to hire more people, but I guess their MMOs don’t bring in enough money to justify that.

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Well these exciting new changes we are getting is a real slap in the face for all players.

With Funcom planning new games and entering into new agreements and expanding into the Dune universe I can’t believe that they can’t afford to expand their customer services to the TSW & AoC communities … but instead they down-grade… terribly bad management choice to not invest in more people to support your loyal playerbase… to get new people established within the company and fully versed in company policies and procedures with the view for them or more senior employees being deployed in the new games.

I seriously disagree with removing support to the free to play community. They ARE your potential new subscribers or old-subs who might renew. The changes you make are (struggling to find a word that won’t be censored) … insulting … and not encouraging for them to spend money with you. Why should they invest money in your games (ingame shop purchases whilst FTP) when you won’t invest time in them?
Removal of the three and six month subscription offers and not enabling subscription time purchase through the Steam store are also bad decisions.

Mis-looting in raid can occur for many reasons … from mis-understanding of loot rules, mis-clicks on multiple box popups, the delibrate “ninja-looting” (knowingly rolling need or greed on something they want to use or sell when they know quite clearly they shouldn’t) … to raid leaders handing wrong item to players (eg rogue dragon tear to a soldier by mistake).
It ALWAYS causes drama … whether it be upset from the person who accidentally got the item and the one who missed out … to accusations of “ninja-looting”. “Good” raid leaders could soothe this upset and direct the players affected how to efficiently write petitions to get GMs to fix it…
And now Funcom you have removed the ONLY recourse that Raid leaders who run content for YOUR gaming community had to get these mistakes rectified and smooth hurt feelings. New raid leaders are likely to make mistakes with loot hand overs … rules for loot distribution can be misunderstood … their ability to get the trust of their raid force ESPECIALLY if they are running it as a full or partial PuG raid is hard to establish …
I’ve seen people harrass and abuse raid leaders for MONTHS in global chat for ONE single incident in a raid of what they considered mis-looting. I’ve seen players being abused and labelled as “ninja-looters” for months for getting loot items in a raid or even 6man group that others think they should have passed on. … now we have NO way to fix mistakes.

Poor job Funcom,
signed Unhappy subscriber (who still remembers the kick in the gut you dealt us in the oceanic and Korean regions when you cut ingame live GM support from OUR “primetime”. )


I love AoC like all these premium and f2p customers but under "the new management rules " I might not be a part of it anymore and I’ll try to convince all my friends not pay for few months at least. What funcom is doing none of us should be subscribing. If you wanna close down the game just do it and get it done and over with, we’ve been here for years subscribing and spending money ingame store trying to boost up population and keep hoping for a better day tomorrow.



I am fine with all these “exciting” changes as long as Funcom provides new content to this game we are paying for.

That is fair enough, right? Right?!


Soon we’ll have to pay for petitions to be solved :d


This seriously worries me. It doesn’t look good especially when we ain’t getting content. I love the game but if we continue to see bad management I might stop subbing. I’m quite tolerant of many things, but if this will be the only change, then it’s bad news for me.


Support for AoC declining at the same time as FC report economical prosperity like never before. :face_with_monocle::rofl: Yup, times up peeps


There’s not enough Cpt Picard facepalm memes in the world for this.


I love Age of Conan. I love playing it. Everyone says it’s dead or dying or etc. and I’ve always defending it by showing the number of people online like. The amount of people in my guild, whatever. I’ve made good friends (and enemies :P) while playing.
It really worries and pains me to see these changes. I think we were all hoping for new content, and we got this. Maybe it’ll lead to new content… but what about my new guildies who just found the game at my request that aren’t paying yet. Is Funcom really going to neglect them help?
I hope it leads to new content, I hope they see the error of their ways. I still want to play the game, I still want others to play it and I don’t want this change to be what kills it. Sadly, that might be where that’s headed if we can’t get the help and support we need in a timely fashion.


Another thought, why even have an in game store that non subbers use and buy items from if that is not considered
“financial support”? And the fact that non subbers who have bought things have global chat, is that where the line is to be drawn?

I was also planning to treat myself this month with a few things from the item store, but now until I know if that is “financial support” or being a second class freeloading player, all purchases are on hold. Thanks at least for announcing so I didn’t spend money only to not be appreciated by the business in which I gave money to.

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